UX/UI Design

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User Experience Design

TeamX is User Experience provider. Understanding the market based on figures of user interaction will mainly help us on creating an online platform that attracts more users to your website. User Experience design is a continuous process to upgrade users satisfaction by improving the smoothness of usability. The consequences of providing such pleasure for the users will increase the number of attempts for the user to make more visits to your website.

UX designs includes:



Interaction design

Information architect

User research and scenarios

user experience
user interface

User Interface Design

TeamX designers are constantly thinking of creative content that is outside the box to improve UI techniques. Designing a user friendly interface is highly important for the success of user interactions. In TeamX we are working on providing you with the most attractive designs that will maximize your business to higher levels. The main goal of having a unique interactive user interface is to simplify the end-user’s experience and better users engagement. Our creativity is derived from the TeamX experts who carefully study the colors, fonts, and themes that can improve your presence over the internet.

UI design includes:

Graphic designs

Visual Design



Page layouts

TeamX designers will create for you the best and attractive design providing you with distinctive solutions

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Benefits of a well-designed UI-UX application

Customer Retention

Customer retention is an important key factor for growing your business. Loyal customers will increase the chance to lead others to visit or shop from your website.

Reduce The Development Tim

With the rapid change of technology, companies are encouraged to embrace UI/UX in their websites and applications because it has short term and long term advantages

Increase Productivity

With an increasing number of visitors for your website, you will notice a great rise in developing your products and services

Higher Revenue Streams

Increase in productivity will in return have a positive impact on your Return On Investment ROI