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Static Site CMS

Static is the new Dynamic!

Using static site allows you to insert widget directly to the website with less limitations. Static sites have almost no site functionality. Static site is highly secured; which makes it impossible to access it through scripting or database holes. Provides the users with simpler workflows with fewer mistakes.

With this technology you can save the current content and update the live server when the content has been approved. Offers progressive web-Apps and social media plug-in easily.

Blazing Fast

Built with latest web technologies

Very secure and reliable

SEO friendly

Progressive web apps

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website design
website design

Wordpress CMS

Loved by 33% of the web

WordPress supports you to share your hobby with a group of people or build it for your existing career. It is an open source that connects people who work on similar projects or businesses. Using WP; which is lower in cost to completely manage the content of your website. WP fastly evolves and offers you a vast options to be unique and creative.

Low Cost

Easy to use and update

Scalable and easy to evolve

Fast development

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What we can do for you

Landing Page Website

Landing page objective is to focus on the products or services that were promoted on the ad. Landing page increases your conversion rate.

Business/ Corporate Website

Successful websites depend highly on the content of their website to showcase their products and services in the most attractive way. Here at TeamX we know how it is like so we will provide you with the best CMS for your business in the UAE.


The main focus of building a blog by the creator is to expose their talents or share articles about their interest in an industry. TeamX focuses on providing you with a variety of creative templates of pictures, videos and text.

Magazine/ Newspapers

Online magazines and news websites have become the trend that replaced newspaper businesses. Starting a magazine online is now easier with the latest technology to reach out to your target readers.


We use the latest software and web solutions with comfortable technical side for both users and administrative. The platform will offer an interactive interface with your visitors.

Social Media Website

Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and others can be developed with an interactive interface. We follow simplicity to provide our clients with their desired website to build their next most popular social media website.